Unable to access and Samba shares between two Tumbleweed systems on lan

I have two PCs both with fully up to date TW installed but I am totally unable to access any shares on either system from the other. Also KDEConnect will pair but nothing shows as browsable in Dolphin for the ‘other’ system to view files I might want to copy over. Also in Dolphin the smb:// protocol wont work, if I do smb:// it shows potential systems on the local lan but I am unable to select them and it shows

 The file or folder smb://tumbleweed.local/ does not exist.

on any one I select. This one is the same system I am actually running Dolphin on which again makes no sense.

Bottom line is that it seems Samba is broken. This seems to have happened since they removed access to Version 1 which my NAS uses (its an old box but works fine). It just seems like they are determined to make life difficult to share folders on disparate systems (my Window 7 system uses V1!). I know I could set up ftp servers but why should I when Samba used to work flawlessly.

Is anyone out there with Samba actually workinjg?


There have been a few other recent posts (within last 6 mths or so) about NAS boxes that support only SMBv1.

Considering the serious problems you could be exposing yourself to (worst is that it’s a common attack vector for an immediate compromise by ransomware), I’d ask why you don’t simply switch to another protocol like FTPS or HTTPS (if NFSv4 isn’t also supported)? You can use those protocols to mount shares just as well as SMB, the only diff is that you won’t be able to browse network shares. And, for many of these NAS appliances, the FTP service is on by default (It might already be running and you didn’t realize it).

As for your Win7, if it’s been receiving MSWindows Updates (and it should have been until very recently when it reached EOL), it should support SMBV2. In fact, AFAIK even Vista with its Upgrade Pack (or whatever that was called) supports SMBv2. And, didn’t XP support SMBv2 for awhile before it also went EOL?

I am unable to switch the NAS to use FTP as I have an application running on the Win 7 system which writes directly to directories on the NAS. The other point is that neither the Win 7 system or NAS are exposed to the internet so the chances of getting those issues is exceedingly slim. The NAS is only used on my local lan behind the router firewall and the router has all its ports closed! The only way out is through the NAT interface. Win7 and the NAS work perfectly together but Linux fails at every attempt.

Anyway it does not explain why TW to TW does not work since that should be using V2 or above. Since Samba still exists it should work especially TW to TW but patently does not, as I also mentioned KDE Connect does not work as it did last time I used it when I could browse the remote system from within Dolphin. If V1 is such an exposure OK but please explain why Samba V2 or above also fails?

It just makes no sense to me that I may have to switch to protocols which do not allow browsing remote data, after all I may not know exactly where the data I need is on the NAS and need to browse for it, I back up all my photos on it and there are 1000’s of them in dated folders and its much easier to browse than to do it any other way. This whole situation is so frustrating!!


Search for those other threads. IIRC it was only that the old version is not supported any more by default. Those threads give you the answr how to switch support on again.

Just a couple of many threads on this topic…

Is firewalld active on those Tumbleweed systems?

If so you have to allow

  • samba
  • samba-client
  • kdeconnect

to get through the firewall.



Ignoring for now the V1 issue. My two TW systems were tried with firewall off in both and it made no difference. TW to TW does not work. In the recent past using the smb protocol in dolphin did work but does not now work between 2 TW systems, and yes I can ping them both ways so I know the lan connection is fine.


When you say it doesn’t work, can you clarify further? Samba network discovery/browsing relied on the NT1 (SMBv1) protocol, but you should still be able to access the shares on the reciprocal hosts via Dolphin using ‘smb://<hostname or IP address>’. Does that work ok?

FWIW, for Linux hosts you should also be able to use Avahi discovery. Click on Dolphin’s ‘Network’ (via Places panel) > ‘Network’ folder icon >…you should see an icon representing the remote host, and from there if samba is running on that host you should see another folder icon for the discovered samba shares…


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