umtsmon and firewall settings on OpenSuSE 11 x86_64

Hello everybody.

I installed OpenSuSE 11 x86_64 (kernel on an ASUS F3 Laptop and everything seems to work fine!

I have an Huawei Vodafone USB network card which works fine when using “wvdial Vodafone” (where “Vodafone” is a script defined in /etc/wvdial.conf).

I downloaded umtsmon 0.8.90 and huawei_umtsmodem-1.0.0-3.1.x86_64.rpm and followed the advices given here:

[Umtsmon - openSUSE](

I fixed some permission issues and I’m now able to establish a connection.

Problem: when executed (either as root or a non-root user - eg, fred) I can connect to the Internet, I can resolve DNS names but I cannot connect to any services (eg, FTP or HTTP).

If I issue the “netstat -an” command I see the SYN_SENT flag for the connection I’d like to establish (eg, FTP <IP_ADDRESS>) which (usually) suggests a firewall configuration issue.

I tried by restarting the firewall but unsuccessfully.

Same problem if I start umtsmon as user root.

Again, using “wvdial” (as root) everything works fine.