UI development and code tools

I’m thinking about trying to create a few UI’s to some scripts I have and want to know if there are any Linux native point and click tools for creating UIs

I’m a complete newbie so don’t want to get into raw coding from scratch. This is just something for me to keep me busy during my spare time and hopefully will be able to produce something useful out of it.

While I’m at it, are there any point and click tools for developing under KDE (Qt?)?

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Try QT 4 Designer and Kdevelop4 or QT Creator

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If you find the above tricky to master and for bash scripting, kde specific and having seen some of your posts I suspect kdialog would be a better tool in the begining.

Development/Tutorials/Shell Scripting with KDE Dialogs - KDE TechBase

Thanks. I’ll take a look at those.

Also for GTK+ there is Glade, and MonoDevelop has a GUI builder I think even though I haven’t used it. I have read good things about PyGTK for making a GUI in Python, but there are GTK+ bindings for most scripting languages I think.

Already mentioned kdevelop4, qt4. Then, Netbeans or Eclipse. There’s also VI and Kate.
Kate is nice. It has syntax highligting, indentation, code folding, auto complete.

If these are scripts, take a gander a dialog (man dialog) (package names: dialog, kdialog).

Also, LinuxCommand.org: Learn the Linux command line. Write shell scripts., is a very good learning resourece for commands and scripting. Also the bash guide at: The Linux Documentation Project: Guides.

Thanks for those links. They look a good place to start learning a little about scripts.