Ugrade from a native 15.1 installation with a virtualbox guest (Windows)

When I upgraded in place (not a fresh install) to openSuSE 15.0 to 15.1 as the native OS, with a virtualbox installation (Windows guest), I ran into problems and had to do a complete reinstall. Upgrades in place from 15.0 to 15.1 on two other machines without virtualbox went smoothly - no issues.

The problem may have been due to the presence of virtualbox or my use of the btrfs file system, but perhaps some other cause - an error on my part.

Based on a post on the virtualbox forum, I learned that one fellow successfully performed the upgrade from 15.1 to 15.2, and I’ve inquired about the details. I did not find anything else relevant on either the openSuSE forums or after a search of the web.

Are there of any issues I should consider? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

One point of information: I am aware of the official documentation’s advice to shut down virtual machines prior to upgrading the OS, at least with respect to KVM and Xen. See: Shut Down Virtual Machines
If your machine serves as a VM Host Server for KVM or Xen, make sure to properly shut down all running VM Guests prior to the update. Otherwise you may not be able to access the guests after the update.
I would expect this applies equally to VirtualBox.

Nevertheless, I am still concerned about any potential difficulties I may encounter.

When this is something that Virtualization people might be able to answer, why didn’t you post it in the Virtualization sub-forum?

Shall I move it there?

Henk -

I pondered that initially but thought it was more of an “installation” issue. If you think the virtualization forum would be a better home for the query, please move it there. Thanks.