Ugly OpenOffice scrollbars


I’m running 11.1 with KDE 4.2 and wondered whether it was normal for OpenOffice to run with old-fashioned grey, square scrollbars and status bar.

Hardly the end of the world, but I couldn’t help wondering.


I wouldn’t think so. May be a defect of the theme (or style) you are using, so it defaults to something basic. You could try switching to another theme/style.

How to switch OpenOffice styles - there is no style support in OOo.

ps.: imho OOo always was a bit ugly. :wink:

It might be the opensuse branding, have a look in Yast software manager and search for branding.

Change it for the upstream version, see if that is better.

Maybe they optimise it so it looks acceptable under Gnome, an impossible job in my opinion :sarcastic:.

I was referring to the DE (desktop environment), not OOo.

No one posted a screen of the crappy looks they have issue with. Looks fine to me, but then I’m not really familiar with anything else.](