Ugly fonts, get me the real smoothness and sharpness!

Hi. I have made a guide to make beautiful fonts on your OpenSUSE 11.4 system with a KDE dektop. It’s mainly for KDE, but also GNOME users can use it (the System Settings part is different). Also both KDE and GNOME users can apply the user.js patch for Firefox. With the todays upgrade from Ffox beta to a real 4.0, the fonts look as good as in Qt/KDE apps (finally!).
Follow the guide step by step and don’t miss out a thing to make it work fantastic!**

Here’s the link:
openSUSE starter: Step 4. Get yer subpixel hinted fonts.


Which fonts and sizes are you using for, applications, desktop etc.?

Do you have before and after pics?

@67GTA I can show you “After-Pics”. Compare to the default setting you can see in your system. I forgot to make “Before-Pics”. I am uploading some screenshots in PNG, so you can see the results.

Enlarge them to see the effect.

For some more screenshots, I’ve now added them to the blog-post, check there.

openSUSE starter: Step 4. Get yer subpixel hinted fonts.

The system-wide choice of mine is shown here:

Check the updated blog entry (Step 4 about the fonts), I added screenshots showing my settings in Firefox 4.0

Thanks for your posts, have fun!

I already use arial fonts with slight hinting, so no major change for me. I can tell they are sharper by using this method.

You mean sharper when using slight hinting, but WITH MUZLOCKER rpms? Or just the default openSUSE’s hinting?

I just checked the slight hinting (to be applied after using the guide and switching to MUZLOCKER packages as desribed). It definitely can be a good choice for many users. It’s a matter of taste. If you prefer sharpness over smoothness, “slight” setting with RGB hinting might be better. It’s enough to change the setting and relogin to see the effect. Or even closing and running again an application. Will be opened with the new setting. I stay with “full hinting RGB”, I like the smoothness.

Slight hinting is darker and smoother with the default setup. With MUZLOCKER’s packages, they are darker and sharper like Microsoft fonts. It is a matter of taste really. I still prefer the default font config with slight hinting.