UGet looking weird on OpenSUSE 12.1

UGet looking weird on OpenSUSE 12.1:


Is there a way to fix it?

I think you need to file a bug report. Your screen looks better than mine but basically the top menu seems to be missing and perhaps it is an issue with gnome 3, but I don’t really know. We have the most recent stable version loaded, but most help for uGet seems to be for Ubuntu.

Thank You,

I know this is a very old thread but I just wanted to point out that the version of uGet that OP was using was an out of date version even at the time of posting the question so that could have been the issue.

If this issue persists please let me know as I have never seen this happen before and would be very interested in getting this corrected.

I am not sure why you said it seems that we support mostly just for Ubuntu because we do a lot of support for as many distros as possible including openSUSE. Unfortunately, it is quite hard to keep up with various sites with errors. If people ask for help on our site then we will absolutely see it, the same goes for Social Networks like Google+, Twitter, Facebook and etc that we have pages/accounts on.

Though I will look into trying to support more sites if possible.