ufraw segmentation fault

Title says it all - ufraw seg faults whenever I try and open a .NEF (nikon raw file).
Unsurprisingly, the gimp fails to open files via the ufraw plugin as a result.
It used to work just fine on opensuse 11.4!

Has anyone else seen this problem? Any ideas?

OS: opensuse 12.2 (64 bit)

> rpm -qa | grep -i ufraw

Thanks in advance

I uninstalled the ufraw packages, and built it from scratch, and it works.
So it appears to me to be a defective build in the opensuse 12.2 process. :frowning:

More system info (if it’s relevant):
After installing 12.2, I

  1. added the packman repo and upgraded system packages to this
  2. added kde 4.9 repo and upgraded system packages to this

I have this problem too. File format is CR2 (Cannon EOS). ufraw is opened but segfault occurs on opening CR2 file.

OS is openSuSE 12.2 (64bit)

As I have compiled ufraw, I mentioned, that some libraries from KDE repo override libraries from openSuSE distro (lensefun, for example). This can be the reason of segfault.

Affects me as well. The easiest workaround I found is to use DNGConverter to convert CR2 to DNG and then open it in UFRaw/GIMP.