UEFI Booting

Many of you are well aware I had trouble with my recently purchased Lenovo V470, if I wanted to use this laptop with OpenSuse Linux instead of its proprietary MS Windows 7. I had even gone to the trouble of first creating a 64 bit Win. 7 VM in preparation of doing just that. But a little trouble came my way on 12/14 and I basically turned my computer into a brick. Fortunately I was able to use the IBM created restore disks which I received on 12/16 and I am now up and running today. One side note to that - Lenovo sent me the applications disks for the Y560p instead of the V470, but the partitioning disks and the Win 7 installed ok, but I had to go through a whole lot of trouble installing the correct applications and uninstalling the incorrect ones late Friday night into Saturday 12/17. They said they are sending me the correct disks next week just in case and only because I complained. The only thing good I can say about Lenovo is they have very good 7 day a week 8am-11pm support and thats about the only good thing I can say about this incident.

But onto the topic at hand - UEFI Booting - because this was my problem and for Linux people it remains a big problem. I actually have two strikes against me - a UEFI BIOS (Phoenix SecureCore Tiano) and a GPT disk, Toshiba branded, and linux has not fully handled these problems yet and this is a beware to all who go down my path of buying such a monster and then naively hoping all will go smoothly wiping the native partitions and starting fresh with any flavor of GNU/Linux.


Note the part about how Ubuntu can literally corrupt a UEFI BIOS in a Mac! I dont have to tell you that I would have been catatonic if that had happened to me. So where is OpenSuse in this development? The article does mention one needs a kernel > 3.x and OS 12.1 has that so OpenSuse is on the right path but clearly much more work needs to be done and I can bear witness to this fact first hand.

It does appear the UEFI booting may not be so straight forward. I’ve no experience in this, so that is not much I can offer, other than to recommend

  1. backup your MBR BEFORE you try anything (I posted on this already so I need to be quiet about this now) and
  2. check out some of the guides on the internet.

For example:

Obviously with my having no experience in this, I can’t say how well those will work in 11.4 nor in 12.1. … IMHO another good reason to have a solid MBR backup before attempting anything.

Sounds like you are suffering the problems of an initial adopter. Linus has said he is in favour of UEFI in principle and it is the favoured way of implementing GPT disks which will increasingly become the norm - but the question is how it is implemented. It sounds as if Lenovo have not read the Linux Foundation guidance on how OEMs should implement it.