udiskd ?

Hello, can anyone pls tell me what this is, & if it’s safe for me to terminate it? I’ve never seen it before in my Conky RAM “Top 10”:


Reading this https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/udisks/ still left me clueless.

It’s the disks manager, delivering messages to the dbus system, see

man udisksd
man udisks

Having read only a tiny bit, I would never kill it.

It’s an intrinsic part of automatic reporting/handling of removable media, and most modern DEs are relying on it for this purpose for years now.

Fair enough, but > 1 GB RAM being used by it? Atm it’s 1.17 GB. Presumably, given your info, it’s always been there, but my curiosity is that as i said it is now using much more RAM then ever before [otherwise i’d have seen it in that Conky list long before now].

The following might or might not be relevant. I’m currently conducting a little experiment on my Tower re TW endurance / uptime. I decided to stop doing dups for a while, to discover how much uptime is possible before another freeze / crash occurs. Uptime atm = 6d 17h 24m [TW 20171018]. So i wonder if uptime somehow factors into memory consumption of udiskd?

For the record…

I now strongly suspect, but cannot prove, that the appearance of that daemon at such high memory consumption was [as so many things have proven to be before] entirely my fault. In my other thread https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/527733-Plasma-Vault-in-5-11-0-wrong-CryFS-amp-fusermount?p=2843322#post2843322 after making that change, i did not reboot / restart that service / take any other precautionary action… i simply continued using my Tower. It was only after that [maybe many hours, but i’m unsure now] that i began noticing this daemon in the “Conky Top 10” [first time ever it’s used enough RAM to make it into that list].

Anyway, one of the routine things i was doing on Tower after that Fuse change, was my normal weekly data backup to USB3 sticks via BackInTime. The second backup failed, because… that daemon’s RAM use became several more GB, but worse, plasmashell then consumed the remainder of my 32 GB RAM, & also 3.x GB of my 4 GB Swap partition [this Tower usually [i]never swaps, given the 32 GB RAM]. At this point, of course, the pc became basically unresponsive,

Today, with all that mess behind me, & also yesterday’s subsequent dup from 20171018 to 20171027, that daemon is back to using its more normal ~165 MB of memory. Like i said, i can’t prove that my Fuse version change without rebooting was the root cause, but i strongly suspect it. Certainly i do hope that was the cause, as then i have no reason to fear any future repeats of that daemon eating all my RAM & crippling the pc.