udevd-events when installing...

I’m getting following message when I’ve started the installation of OS 11.1 x86_64 on a HP EliteBook 6930p.

“Starting udev… udevd-event[78]: ‘/sbin/modprobe’ abnormal exit”

I get also udevd-event[90].

Does anyone know what they mean or know where I can find more information about these events?

I’d guess that one of the modules the installation system is trying to load (that’s what modprobe do) is causing the abnormal ending.

Modules are something like drivers in windows, the install program tries to load them according to the hardware signatures it detects.

During installation, at a certain point you should be able to see or control what modules are loaded, so you can identify which one is causing the problem, an then search for alternatives/fixes, or even file a bug report with the developers.

I have exactly the same problem. Any ideas/solutions?

Same problem here,
starting udev… udevd-event[131] ‘sbin/modprobe’ abnormal exit

i have reported this error at the time 7.10, no solution were offered
I thought this problem might be resolved in 7.11, still i am getting same error
can anyone help

I tried will availabe combination of boot setting like acpi=off, moload apic etc…

Exactly the same problem is here…but no one seems to get it resolved yet. :frowning:

I’ve been trying to install ‘11.1 x86-64’ on EliteBook 8530p using DVD image.
I even tried to use network installation verions only to fail exactly the same way as well.

I just tried also with ubuntoo but it failed in a simlar manner; just hang. :\

So, is the problem with HP EliteBooks produced later than 2530p? :open_mouth:

I got done the openSUSE 11.1 DVD pack installation supressing
“udevd-event[li]: ‘sbin/modeprobe’ abnormal exit”
In case of installation on HP EliteBook 8530p, you need to turn off the BIOS config. option;
“Fan Always on while on AC Power” by setting it to “Disabled”.

I got this help from LinLap.com [Linux Laptop Wiki].
And you can also refer to many issues about installation of ‘linux on laptop’ at the site.