udev support in smart

Ok, I mercilessly borrowed code from another project and modified media.py in /usr/lib/python/site-packages/smart

I enabled debugging so I could see errors. I am not getting any errors at all. In the gui mode, when one goes to Edit>Channels>New>Detect Channel in Media, it still does the same thing as before which is “No local media found!”

For the udev I took code from here SourceForge.net Repository - [pysdm] View of /pysdm-0/pysdm/sysfs.py

For those of you that don’t have smart, media.py originally looks like this ~smartpm/smart/trunk : contents of /smart/media.py at revision 818](http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~smartpm/smart/trunk/annotate/niemeyer-a9cc201842a86389c9bba03620853f0ad2545eea?file_id=svn2bzr-41695ef8df06608b2eac1b4e9a183092a5bba5fc)

Heres what I did, Python pastebin - collaborative debugging tool