udev rule looses partition

have had a 10.3 box with an external usb hd formatted ext2 running for some time. a short while ago i started getting errors on the drive. tested it on a 10.1 box and had similar errors. it was only used for temporary storage, so it was reformatted.

if i comment out my udev rule for this device and let the automounter do it, the drive shows up as /dev/sdb1. an fdisk -l /dev/sdb lists the single ext2 partiton. if i allow my old udev rule to run, it builds the /dev/MyBookES entry. however, the drive can’t be mounted as fdisk -l /dev/MyBookES give no valid partition table. comment out my rule, plug the drive back in and /dev/sdb1 exists.

i don’t think anything was changed prior to the disk failing. here is my udev rule:

western digital usb mybook

SUBSYSTEMS==“usb”, ATTRS{serial}==“57442D574341505732373139373631”, ATTRS{product}==“My Book ES”, NAME=“MyBookES”

i’ve written a number of udev rules and this is the first time to see this. any suggestions?