UDEV question

Hi all,

I am trying to create symlink for only the mountable nodes in my USB disk.

For example,

If a USB drive has 2 partitions, then 3 nodes exist in /dev directory namely “sda, sda1, sda2”. Out of which only sda[1-2] are mountable. only “sda” is not mountable. My rule should create only symlink to sda[1-2]. It should not create symlink to sda.

I am using the following rule to match all nodes,

KERNEL==“sd*”,BUS==“usb”,DRIVER==“usb-storage”,SUBSYSTEM==“block”,PROGRAM="/home/maximabkp/bin/symlink-udev.sh $sysfs{manufacturer},$sysfs{model},$sysfs{serial},$number,$env{ID_FS_LABEL}", SYMLINK+=“usbdev/%c{1}”

This rule creates symlink for all nodes of a USB block device inside /dev/usbdev/ directory.

What could be the rule for seperating only mountable nodes ? Is there any attribute in SYSFS/ENV for this !

Thanks in advance,