udev problem

Quite often when I boot, I get a message that says:

A start job is running for udev  Wait for complete device initialization (xx/3min)

As often as not, when the system does boot, it takes a very long time for anything to show up on the desktop and the system is unstable. Usually, a shutdown and restart corrects the issue.

Is there a log file created while this process is running that I could use to find where the problem lies? I can’t find any reference to one in the man page. At leased not how to create one at boot time and save it so I can see it after I get the system up and stable.

A hint (I think) is that the display during boot and while grub is running, is that the text shown is blurry.
Another problem, possibly related is that this computer does not like to reboot. Quite often this problem shows up then but not on shutdown and restart.

There are no errors shown in the boot time display.

None of my other computers are having this problem, so it is something on this particular computer.


Likely systemd-udev-settle.service check it’s status, I have it disabled and masked with no ill affects…