Udate drivers

Now that I have finally got on line with suse, my next question is how do you update any system drivers. I have downloaded drivers for my video card, and am looking to download (if any) for my key board etc… So how do you install any drivers that you down load…

There is a simple rule:

“If it is not broken, don’t fix it.”

You should stop using your “Windows knowledge” and presume that you need external drivers for everything, because you don’t.

There are very few exceptions (though prominent ones like proprietary drivers for graphics cards), most of your hardware drivers are already provided by linux (literally as linux is your kernel).

You will get automatic updates if you run normal online updates with YaST/zypper and get a kernel update.

Only external drivers not in the kernel need “extra updates” in most cases these can also be done via package management.

How can a linux kernel run everything? heck windows is base on a kernel as well. I want my hardware to run as it was designed… I can’t see a linux kernel doing that. Besides if that was the case, then how come Nvidia has a driver for my video card? How come under the system try or what ever you call it. it says for my video card driver unknown… As far as key boards go heck you can’t even use half the hot keys on it as it is without any drivers, or is there a special kernel for that. A little bit more explaining about house linux works is all I need…

For your NVIDIA hardware


NVIDIA/The hard way - openSUSE

Thank you that is the type of answer I’m looking for as a newbie;)

But even as a newbie you should know, that one can only give you an explicit answer if you give an explicit description for your problem.

If you want to know about how to install a driver for your NVidia card then why don’t you say so in your first posting?

Worth a read and highly recommended:

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

I have downloaded drivers for my video card, and am looking to download (if any) for my key board etc…

With regards to your keyboard, you will probably just need to configure it. (You get queried at install time as to what type of keyboard you have).

Post-install, you can use

YaST > Hardware > Keyboard Layout

to set your keyboard type. Both Gnome and KDE4 have their own configuration utilities as well. For example, with KDE4 you can adjust mouse and keyboard settings via

Kickoff Menu > Configure Desktop > Keyboard and Mouse

And if that does not work, there are several external userspace utilities (not “drivers”) to activate&configure “special” keys (i.e. “keytouch” from Packman).

Thanks again, I know I’m use to the way windows works. But like any thing else this is a learning curve, I’m willing to learn and master…