Ubuntu's and openSUSE's GNOME implementation

Recently i was testing Ubuntu 9.10 Beta and then i tested 11.2’s GNOME. And i must say that Ubuntu’s GNOME implementation is a lot more polished than SUSE’s. And while i do not intend to move to gnome or Ubuntu then i must say it looks really nice and can understand Ubuntu’s gnome users saying that Ubuntu is so nice. Fortunatelly i am hooked up to KDE 4.3.1 and am never going back to gnome :slight_smile:

State your experiences with Ubuntu’s gnome implementation.

P.S. It is funny that despite linux division in Novell gaining more money every year they still have so few people to work on it… We can see what a good team can do to the distro if they concentrate on something (Ubuntu and gnome). I really consider running Ubuntu 9.10 in a virtual machine to check it.

Does ubuntu gnome still have that brownie look about it?

Did you try kubuntu 9.10 in a vm (or real)?

I tried it in real as a live CD, after that i am testing it in a VM. It’s not so brown anymore :slight_smile: There are some shades of brown but it looks nice :slight_smile: Login screen login looks great for example.

Thanks BBR, ok on colour, but I think you may have missed the small k in my Kubuntu 9.10 question. :slight_smile:

Seems Ubuntu didn’t wash its panties enough as there are still visible skid marks left over lol!

Also, GNOME?.. Wutz dat? O.o :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right, i missed the k in the question. I am not intending to try kubuntu as their implementation of KDE was always lousy as hell. For me SUSE got great KDE, YaST that kicks ass and lots of repositories i could use :slight_smile:

I tried last time kubuntu in 9.04 but it feels underloved lol!

While KDE in ubuntu sucks then i must say Gnome shines. And i must admit they are going in the right direction with that distro.

P.S. Oh, one thing, i would really like to see openSUSE become a deb distro :slight_smile:

BenderBendingRodriguez wrote:

> P.S. Oh, one thing, i would really like to see openSUSE become a deb
> distro :slight_smile:

auhm ???
why did you think, this is important?
if somebody wants it can use Debian, ubuntu, mint, 64 studio and much


From what i’ve heard debian has better dependency resolving. I might be wrong but that’s why ubuntu has for years live upgrades and SUSE not?

So you really want a package format which had no real improvements for years (maybe there were some changes in the last few months/one year)and gives a lot of problems with consistency if one of the scripts is failing?

Search Debian/*Buntu forum of your choice for that, you will find a lot of funny threads which could be resolved in rpm with one command.

I certainly don’t.

It’s simple. If you like GNOME and hate KDE, by all means use Ubuntu. If you are a KDE fan and hate GNOME, then use openSUSE, or Kubuntu.
By the way, the implementation of KDE 4.3 in Kubuntu 9.10 (the upcoming version) seems nice.

Judging from your nickname you are using Ubuntu ;)??

Now seriously.

I know that starting a “flamewar” like deb vs. rpm is useless so i am sorry for that, it may be my ignorance and lack of knowledge about both formats, their advantages and disadvantages.

I will have to learn a bit about differences of both formats then i can talk about it. I know that having any format of packages is better than having none :slight_smile:

Anyway, gnome in Ubuntu is a lot nicer than in SUSE, i must admit it. And their new software center is also quite nice. Searching for applications in SUSE may create a headache if someone has lots of applications lol!

And they got some really nice icons.

Other than that KDE in openSUSE 11.2 ROCKSlol!

Neither of them gets the bouquet for colour scheme. One kakky brown, like rain after a dust storm. The other inky green, like a tropical swamp. I liked the old SuSE blue better.

I would love to see white with blue :slight_smile: Besides, Ubuntu isn’t so brown like our leavings anymore :wink: And i guess green doesn’t fit nicely with gnome, brown fits more to gnome :slight_smile:

Well Gnome reminds me of Yoda – kind of brown and desert-like, arid lands – OK … brown

Hehe,good one :wink:

Fortunately now we can say that KDE is a great piece of software :slight_smile: Now it is gnome users that envy us such great DE;)

About 2 months ago I uninstalled Suse/KDE and reinstalled it with Gnome. Added a few old faves from KDE but just a very few. I was sick of the delays and frustrations of the developing KDE4. I’m not bad-mouthing KDE4, just frustrated it’s taking so long to mature. There’s so much I want to do and KDE slows me down. So three cheers for all the guys with time to test and report and help integrate KDE4 into Suse.

The point of my post is that I really don’t envy the KDE users who just want to get on with their day to day I.T. tasks; and I really like Gnome because it “just works”.

Yes, i must agree that when i had gnome everything worked, it is because their way of slowly implementing stuff (in fact, with every release they didn’t implement much (in my honest opinion), not everyone has to agree with me ). While KDE devs gave us a revolution that had to evolve to meet our expectations :slight_smile: I guess they have achieved their goal at last.

In one way gnome is great for businesses which need stability, gnome can deliver this. One bad thing about gnome is it’s heavy use of Mono (i know, it is good etc. BUT for example Banshee uses parts of Mono that are not covered by Microsofts Community Promise, nevermind that i’m just looking for something to complain about;))

Now KDE, till 4.2 it was pure crapiola, till KDE 4.2 i was using gnome (and testing KDE from time to time to check how it is doing). It is good for KDE that they can look at something they created and try to match it or be even better (KDE 3.x), it is like a base to start. I think they achieved their goal and are moving forward in an astonishing pace. I guess KDE 4.4 won’t be such a great leap forward as earlier but it will surely bring us the stability we always needed :slight_smile:

This is complete nonsense. First you need to understand what they are comparing. What they are doing is comparing apt to rpm. That is comparing apples to oranges. OK? To do this right you need to compare dpkg and dselect to rpm. From a users point of view, you can still end up in dependency hell whether it’s deb or rpm. The main reason in rpm distros is because of the different rpm distros, mandriva, fedora, openSUSE, and so on, each make their own rpms, and own scripys and file names and places. This is just enough to throw it off. With deb distros, they are all based on deb, so no differences. At least not enough to cause dependency hell on the debian side.

So if we’re going to compare package managers…like apt to something else, try apt to zypper. apt can’t stand up to zypper. Feel free to compare apt to other package managers.

I know what is apt and what is deb, i thought that additional version control files? inside deb make it happen :slight_smile:

Nope. It’s just as I explained above.