Ubuntu was really bad

After rounds of hearing that Ubuntu is the easiest distro,I downloaded Ubuntu 11.04 after a year of downloading 10.XX(LTS).
Unity interface really sucked.I spent 10 minutes just searching for Graphical settings and found that there was not any.YAST made me too lazy.
In a country with 128 Kbps internet,I had no problem updating openSUSE,thanks to delta packages.

When I tried updating Ubuntu released 10 days before,a whooping 168MB of update made me press the reset button,go to openSUSE,open Disk utility and delete the partition at once.

But I thought openSUSE has to learn something from Ubuntu.The unified Application store is one of these to be inspired of.

Apologizing for any syntax or semantical errors.

It’s easy to switch to the traditional Gnome/Ubuntu desktop if you don’t like Unity. I’d agree with your comment.

The Software Centre is easy I guess, but I prefer to see a bit more behind the scenes than that offers. It certainly will be easy for new users.

I tried Ubuntu 11.04 and used Ubuntu Classic, since I could not tolerate the Unity desktop.

I finally decided that I had enough of Ubuntu 11.04 and installed openSUSE 11.4 with the Gnome desktop. I already have another PC running openSUSE 11.4 with the KDE desktop. Both of them are going to be keepers, since the desktops are nice on both of them.

I am also trying Fedora 15, but I am not liking the Gnome 3.0 desktop either.

Thankfully,I didnt deleted openSUSE partition and I will never.

The software center is not Ubuntu specific i think. I tried the other day PCBSD and it had a similar interface. Programs had a rating system and where easily installed from there.
I think what OpenSUSE could benefit would be to have an additional interface that is aimed at users that are not familiar with more options, because frankly, i think some user get overwhelmed on to many options.
But thats just an observation.

Yes,I’m also downloaded Ubuntu11.04.i can’t find any settings to change the desktop effects.it not detected my mobile device also.after seeing this i removed my Pendrive then pressed enter(live usb) and switched to Opensuse(nice distribution and great support).

Next software centre.Opensuse has the site software.opensuse.org(one of the reason for me to choose Opensuse).we can find our desired software here.just enter the software name in search box.we can keep that software setup like as windows.i don’t like the Ubuntu software centre.because downloads will stuck.reason for that is mirror problems.

Ok Find Ettercap for 11.4

You have two options;
1 - Ask one of the builders here to enable the 11.4 repository so it builds; software.opensuse.org: Search Results
2 - Download a src rpm and rebuild that on your 11.4 system.

The problem is with libnet compatibility.
Libnet is not backwards compatible.

The spec file needs updating to libnet1

I am not accustomed with rpm and spec.

It’s late here, so will look at branching and fixing for you tomorrow.

I also don’t like unity. Except that Ubuntu got many interesting stuff

hi malcolmlewis

what is meant by src?and how to rebuild that on our 11.4 system?

When I installed Ubuntu 11.04 on a VM it said it couldn’t do Unity so it went to Gnome. Thus, I didn’t experince the shock of the new DE. However I must admit after using yast I do find the Ubu way rather messy. And to think I used to use Ubuntu!

Boot from live CD or USB.

You can rebuild the rpm via;

rpmbuild --rebuild <some_rpm.src.rpm>

As long as dependencies are met and the code is good (in the rpm spec) it should build. But always best to ping a maintainer or openFATE to get things sorted.

You can rebuild the rpm via;

rpmbuild --rebuild <some_rpm.src.rpm>

As long as dependencies are met and the code is good (in the rpm spec) it should build. But always best to ping a maintainer or openFATE to get things sorted.

Have a look here;

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