ubuntu vs opensuse, main differences thread

If I had to pick a live CD, I would pick Ubuntu’s due to its speed and reliability. Best live cd in my opinion.

] You ever heard of grml/sysrescuecd/knoppix (just to name a few)

Have you ever heard of an opinion?

Yes, did you?

As a live CD, Ubuntu is not even CLOSE to being a match for the ones above, specially designed for “live use”.

Knoppix puts lots more into the same space, most outstanding feature might be “Adriane”, a special UI for blind/visually impaired people.

@Akoellh, please stop being aggressive

Can I be aggressive too? :smiley:

I think you meant to say,

“Yes, have you”

Your first post in reply to my opinion seems very provocative due to its patronising manner.

Seems like you are trying to correct me for having a wrong opinion. LOL!

If you like knoppix, good for you.

You can agree with an opinion, you can disagree with an opinion but you cant correct an opinion.

Anyway, this is a Ubuntu vs OpenSUSE thread.

If you want, I can start an OpenSUSE vs Knoppix thread where you can debate the strengths of the knoppix live CD to your hearts content.

Please just remain your helpful, calming and charming self :slight_smile:

I find it funny that “Have you ever heard of an opinion?” is not aggressive.