Ubuntu--->Suse move

Hi folks
I have been using Ubuntu for about a year, desktop and server.
I will be taking some courses at the local college, “administration, and computer forensics”. They are using Suse Enterprise series 11. What differences will give me the most trouble or present the highest learning curve on this transition. I consider myself to be a beginning mid level user. I currently use gnome and bash.

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Good luck
You sshould soon see it’s a great move.
Obviously a big difference is the package system and management.
.deb > .rpm
apt/aptitude > zypper

You’ll have to do reading. How does SUSE implement something, then how is it done in Ubuntu (or visa versa). You’ll have twice the knowledge, but it’ll be work.

Two broad areas:

  • Location of files for the system in general and specific applications/tasks.
    — suse grub; ubuntu grub2
    — suse sysvinit; ubuntu upstart
    — sudo and groups
    Httpd Wiki DistrosDefaultLayout
    — etc…

  • Commands, including package management, and stopping, starting,
    and configuring.
    — suse rpm/zypper/yast; ubuntu dpkg/apt-get/synaptic
    — etc…

Take a gander at SUSE and Ubuntu at distrowatch.

I wonder if you could burn the LiveCD for suse and use that.

I had a niece who took a calculus class. The instructor used a Texas Instrument, but she had a Casio. It added an unnecessary level of complexity in the class. She was always one step behind. It didn’t help that her instructor was lost on the Casio. He only knew how to use the TI.

Just in the gnome gui - Yast instead of the “System” submenu. Ubuntu uses gparted by default, I think, I had to go find it in the repository for OpenSUSE.

I found desktop setup to be pretty similar. Multimedia settings varied somewhat, but not so much in general concept. The gui desktop menu arrangements are different.

A technical diff that I haven’t even noticed is the use of Upstart (Ubuntu) vs sysVinit. I’ve been using both distros for over a year, and never even knew that Ubuntu was already using upstart. My Gnome on Ubuntu is busted right now, or I’d go check out what Ubuntu has for editing run levels in the gui. I recall they had something.

As for the difference in package management - deb vs rpm - I think that is a big ballyhoo that only still exists in the minds of each system’s users. There was a difference - 10 years ago, maybe even 7 years ago. But by about 5 years ago? I don’t think there’s been a difference worth my attention. They both work, and that is all I care about. Oh, and btw, I’m not talking about a lack of technical difference - what I’m talking about is the end-user-experience difference. They both work, so there is no end-user-experience difference.