Ubuntu Phone Released

So apparently, the Ubuntu BQ phone is going on sale tomorrow. You can get more info here: http://www.ubuntu.com/phone

Seems there is a bit of a buzz, + for those specs, 170€ doesn’t seem all that much. What’s your verdict, how will this pan out?


I think a lot of people with early releases of it say the hardware is mediocre, but the OS and implementation is supposed to be pretty good.

That it is Linux, I hope this takes off as another alternative. Of course, it won’t be coming to the USA for a while which is a bummer.

Jono Bacon has an interesting view on it in Thoughts on Canonical’s Ubuntu phone at OpenSource.com.

I guess that new phone will attract more people attention.

I can see the first flash sale already sold out. And people who managed to order it will get it sometime in march.

Good that there is more choice coming to the marketplace.

I want a Firefox OS phone.