Ubuntu one

Ubuntu one! “The Cloud” “The Future of Computing”
If this is the future of computing, I’m going to windows 98!
I took 5mins to upload a 3Mb .zip file.
Whilst it was doing it I formatted my USB thumbdrive, copied the zip, plugged it in to laptop, copied file.
The future? My Ar*e:sarcastic:

I use dropbox… Couldn’t tell you if it’s faster though…


Well, the strength of cloud would be following its supporters, that you can access strong reckoning power without possessing a main frame. Although this is currently used by single individual for **not really “legal” means ** it is evident that for scientific applications like statistical number crunching, it can and might be an alternative for clustering of PCs. However, if it takes so long…a) it is still “beta”, b) we all know about the overall problem of the “digital divide”](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_divide).
In my opinion, given the current restrictions, cloud computing is the ideal way to deepen this digital divide note-worthily.
For me this seems to be a much bigger issue than the current versions / speed itself.

Ubuntu one is a brand new service so lots of issues to fix I can imagine, one can hope it will improve and I think it will.

Both UbuntuOne and Dropbox I find to be slow. Chances are that is because I don’t have a blazing fast internet connection on my side, or it could be from their end.

UbuntuOne, though, hooked up with Ubuntu is trying to make it easy to auto-sync your Evolution contacts, Firefox bookmarks and something else in addition to you being able to upload files.

This way, if you add a contact to one UbuntuOne-connected system (e.g. your laptop) it can be auto-updated on another (but same account) UbuntuOne-connected system.

Use Dropbox…

Dropbox is not slow, and cannot be compared to Ubuntu One…

Works perfect on openSUSE 11.2, not so slow/buggy than Ubuntu One…

I use Dropbox and I do not find it to be slow at all. I do have a pretty good connection though 10Mb down and 1Mb up, so that probably helps.

I think the key is goign to be whether openSUSE, or any other Linux distro, would be able to take advantage of Dropbox to synch contacts, bookmarks, files, etc.

Canonical’s plans for UbuntuOne is to move beyond just online storage.

Yes, in fact Ubuntu One sincronizes also Tomboy Notes, contacts, and it`s planning to do more. That is respectable!

But, Dropbox is perfect for online storage, and Ubuntu One is goind to another direction.

there is alternative : SparkleShare, it’s open source…it’s begin… there is repository for opensuse:
Index of /repositories/home:/FunkyPenguin:/sparkleshare
see site:SparkleShare - Sharing work made easy
see image link beautiful:http://sparkleshare.org/images/screenshots/intro.png


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