Ubuntu Lucid Lynx = Might be the distro to make Linux a standard?

:slight_smile: Now that I can identify with. Could be a new marketing strap-line:

  • openSUSE - >:) - you know you like it!

Why even post this stuff in here in the first place ? You’ll find a more receptive audience over at UF. I always wonder what people are trying to achieve when they start banging on about how great a distro’ is…in another distro’s forum.

One of the things that turned me off ubuntu were the crazed overzealous fanboys forever bleating about how great everything *buntu was. Lets not have to put up with it here as well. Is that too much to ask ?


Well if you noticed the = then you also see I used a QUESTION MARK as well

Meaning that the subject is indeed in question, as even though Ubuntu 10.04 is looking very good there is always room for something else to come along INCLUDING openSUSE.

PCLinux 2010 looks pretty good, it too could be a real contender though my feelings about KDE4 based distros are mixed

Now that’s another view I can identify with. A few short comments about another distro - fine - but the banging on and now the silly SHOUTING. Give us a break!

BTW Raffles10, nice avatar. :wink:

I kind of disagree. Ubuntu broke my emacs config because it scattered alot of config’s file all over my system. I have to manually remove them myself.

Tried the Lucid live cd when it came out. It’s not bad. The new theme is an improvement but since you can change that I don’t mind anyway. I must try Kubuntu and see what it’s like. At the moment I’m running Mint 8 and I must say it’s great. I will be looking into Mint 9 when it comes out.

Need to see if I can get all my hardware working with OpenSUSE 11.2 and might switch back. Like a previous poster said, it kinda feels like home!

Had to help out somebody that upgraded to LL. I’m horrified. The upgrade, done following some instruction sheet, completely borked the system. After a day of troubleshooting it runs on an exact identical laptop as mine (incl. same SSD). I wouldn’t change to it in a million years. The owner decided to change to openSUSE (we’ll see him here one of these days), we got it up and running, incl. webserver, NFS in 45 minutes, he was astonished about Yast, stated he always missed that on *buntus. Don’t even want to talk about the latest kUbuntu, does not come anywhere near openSUSE’s implementation of KDE4.

That’s true. I was disappointed with Kubuntu’s KDE and other issues in 9.10 on my h/w, so I’m not going to bother with 10.04. I don’t need it, since openSUSE 11.2 kernel didn’t screw up it’s support for my video chip like 11.1 kernel did. For that reason, I needed Kubuntu 9.04 to get stable internet video streaming. Now that need has gone, I can spend more time on expanding my use of applications on openSUSE. :wink:

I’m sure you are not implying “Nobody ever borked their system with an in-situ upgrade of openSUSE”. So in the interests of balanced reporting, I couldn’t resist attempting the complete distribution upgrade from Kubuntu karmic 9.10 to lucid 10.04, before retiring Kubuntu from a partition on my d’top pc. From experience, some upgrades have worked and some failed.

Package manager notified me that the full upgrade was available, so I took it. A dialogue kept me informed of progress. Before finishing, it asked about keeping or removing obsolete packages (individually listed and actionable). I accepted removal for a cleaner install, even though I would have to reinstall flash and codecs, for example.

Following the reboot, I was looking at a new lucid 10.04 desktop, with all my installed apps upgraded and no driver issues. I only had to update /etc/fstab with a couple of personal mounts (/dev/sdb to /dev/sda), and I could access my data. That was it, apart from reinstalling Flash from the automatically-added new repos. First time I tried to play music, codec installation was prompted, and two clicks later the music was playable by the much improved Amarok 2.3.

It’s not surprising that the upgrade worked for my relatively straightforward desktop installation, with no webserver or NFS, and no networking more difficult than a wired internet connection. Ubuntu has built its reputation on, and for, that type of desktop user. I thought that has been well understood for a long time, and if one needs more complexity e.g. in networking support, it’s probably best to use openSUSE. :wink:

@consused: the guy I helped reinstalled, he’s very pleased now. Had a short look at it yesterday, it’s fast, things seem to work nicely now.

Glad he is now happy. TBC what did he reinstall? Lucid 10.04, or his previous kubuntu?

Did you see my post here:
Testing this Weekend - Results - openSUSE Forums

Yes will comment on the format usb context in that thread.

well why do you think its encouraged to do a reinstall for each new release of Ubuntu much less any distro?

For me the transition was surprisingly painless compared to my upgrade from Jaunty to Karmic, but thats because my computer never had any special hardware like nvidia or ATI drivers or anything like that.
Jaunty gave me headaches, Karmic was a little better but not by much.

Ubuntu is the only distro I dist upgraded with without reinstalling, except with Karmic and Feisty.
The rest were fine though.
I might try a dist upgrade with another distro soon though, maybe pop in openSUSE 11.2 again and see how well it upgrades to 11.3.

But out of all the distros I have tried Ubuntu has served my main hardware the best though other distros fare a little better for my secondary hardware.
Like my for my laptop openSUSE works better there, especially with 11.2 though wireless is shaky on it.
I will give lucid a shot on it too soon, but it really rocks my desktop for sure.
I think I might try Fedora 13 next, but I never had much luck with Fedora.
Pclinux is another one I will try in the near future.

My only gripe with Ubuntu, which is actually for all Linuxes, is the Intel G855 issue. It is making my laptop more unstable when otherwise it has worked without a burp!

You can read some of it between me and oldcpu here: Intel GPU 8xx issues, will 11.3 have them too?! - openSUSE Forums

Otherwise, so far it looks pretty good. Biggest deviant from others is the UbuntuOne and accompanying Music Store.