Ubuntu LiveCD includes more packages...

Coming from Ubuntu, I was surprised to learn that Opensuse’s LiveCDs are devoid of many “standard” packages due to spacing requirements. I really missed the inclusion of GIMP and the Java runtime, both of which Ubuntu somehow fits onto its own LiveCD. Ubuntu also is able to ship the mono runtime along with programs such as FSpot Photo Manager. The Opensuse LiveCDs are extremely popular, but they fail to deliver so many packages which can be found with other distros. I would like to see this change for 11.1… it really effects just how usable Opensuse is running “out-of-the-box”! Otherwise, 11.0 was IMO the best release yet!~:)

What makes you think it has anything to do with ‘spacing requirements’?
My view is that it’s all about a (distorted) view of ‘proprietary concerns’ and
what’s ready for prime-time (KDE-4 not!).

[missing wireless-driver support trumps ‘Gimp’ any day of the week…if you can’t
get on the Internet, installing Gimp is gonna be a frustrating experience]

My 2-cents…


Give them another time or 2 to work on the Install live CD.

Traditionally Opensuse made you get the DVD to install the OS, and now they have this option for people.

Many will say that with the LiveCD it is a bit more of a chance that it may or may not work for you, as there are many limited choices made due to space requirements.

As I recall, Ubuntu LiveCD does not ship with OpenOffice - which is a big porky pig.

OpenOffice is included with Ubuntu LiveCD…

Things missing (my personal preferences) from Ubuntu live CDs:

  1. The “proper” version of vi, they always have that awful cut down version that doesn’t allow you to use the arrow keys!

  2. Encrypted volume mounting support, you have to download and install it :eek:.

  3. FWcutter, needed for my wireless :eek:.

It all depends on personal preferences.

AFAIK, suse has more software (since they use lzma), but don’t have some of the other thing ubuntu has, like the gimp and inkscape

I’ve never truly been a fan of LiveCD’s. Yeah, they’re a neat concept but they take forever to boot and perform slowly. I’d rat.her download a DVD image and mount it in a virtual machine.

I’ll agree though, the Ubuntu LiveCD is a few shades better in terms of initial package offerings.