Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity3D or openSUSE 12.1?

HI Forum,
I’ve installed Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity 3D.
I am really liking the 3D effect of Ubuntu. (Am I correct that it is a property of Unity 3D - Mine is a laptop -Intel Core2Duo -T5470@1.6GHz x2 with 965GM chipset integrated graphics card and 2GB RAM). Is openSUSE 12.1 with KDE/GNOME better? I am a hobbyist photographer (learning GIMP now) and I would like more detail and a 3D effect. In any case the display is far better with Ubuntu than my earlier Windows 7.

So please throw in your opinion on whether I should change to openSUSE from Ubuntu or not.

Also which distro works best for laptop - I get a feeling that in Ubuntu my processor and harddrive is getting a bit heated up.

Thanks and regards

On 2012-06-17 17:06, ArunBin wrote:

> So please throw in your opinion on whether I should change to openSUSE
> from Ubuntu or not.

That only you can decide :slight_smile:

> Also which distro works best for laptop - I get a feeling that in
> Ubuntu my processor and harddrive is getting a bit heated up.

That’s probably because of calculating all those 3D effects.

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Carlos E. R.
(from 11.4 x86_64 “Celadon” at Telcontar)

Most everyone most likely thinks what they have installed is the best. Further, if I had a successful install of Ubuntu, I am not sure I would challenge fate and install openSUSE until I had learned a whole lot more about Linux, partitioning and boot loaders. Its my opinion that using openSUSE 12.1, KDE 4.8 and the latest kernel is the fastest possible performing desktop you can get, but again, its just my opinion on the subject.

Thank You,

Thank you guys for the replies. :slight_smile:
James, I guess I would also stick with Ubuntu that I like - coming from windows- pretty much. Probably I will change it later when I get used to the shell environemnt. Thanks for the advice.
However, considering my laptop is 3 years old, I do not want to strain it much. Battery life is also an issue. In that scenario, would openSUSE be a safe bet?
Thanks and regards

the subject of this thread is “SU” and i just can not figure out why, so
i ask you to please explain…

if you do, then i will try to give fair answers to your Qs…


That was a typo and edited it correctly. Please refresh the page or clear cache. To me it appeares correctly since I edited it.

Ubuntu 12.04 is a LTS release which you might find useful.

Unity makes great use of the workspace too.

On 06/17/2012 07:46 PM, ArunBin wrote:
> That was a typo and edited it correctly.

ok…though i’m sure the openSUSE is far better than Ubuntu for me i
agree with Carlos (only you can decide what is best for you)…

and i also agree with James (you have a working Ubuntu [which is
superior to the most popular desktop operating system on the planet], so
use it…use it to learn about Linux [there is LOTS and lots to learn]
and remember my rule Number One: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. (by,
for example installing openSUSE today)…

and, i agree with Carl (caf2496) that it is a benefit to have a long
life distro like Ubuntu’s 12.04 [but for me i like the long life i
expect to get with openSUSE 11.4 on evergreen]

and, there are benefits to the experienced Windows user to begin their
Linux experience with Ubuntu because those folks go to some length to
make the transition fairly painless…

but, there are down sides to that…like one of the ways they make
Ubuntu less painful is to remove (or hide) a lot of the choices,
settings and capabilities that i want to have…

but, you don’t miss what you don’t know–so, Ubuntu is a pretty good
place to start…well, i hear that it is…i never actually used
Ubuntu…its a johnny-come-lately (i left the Microsoft camp in '95, and
was using SuSE as my only operating system Ubuntu was ‘born’)…

oh, there is another down side to Ubuntu: it uses Unity which no one
else does so if you get real used to that you might be just as locked
into Ubuntu as most of the world is locked into Windows…

if you were to hop to openSUSE now you could try out KDE, GNOME, LXDE,
Xfce, Enlightment and several others with little or no investment with
anything other than a little time (plus downloads and blanks)…

so, only you can decide!
but, if you can afford a download and a blank disk you can make a live
CD of KDE, another for GNOME and a third for LXDE and and and…

oh! don’t forget that if you don’t like the way KDE4 looks, you can
change most everything about it (colors, themes, what shows what does
not…etc etc etc etc…) as far as i know Unity is like Windows in
that the options are rather constrained…


i think installing Jupiter in ubuntu will help you.
opensuse and ubuntu both are briliant distros.