Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Remix

I have to say Ubuntu 10.10 for netbooks looks amazing! Normally I hate (well, that’s a little strong) Ubuntu on the desktop. I think openSUSE desktop/workstation is better than ANY other OS out there. But there’s a LOT of problems with openSUSE on a netbook. I have to say from the images and reviews, Ubuntu Netbook has me VERY intrigued. I will be trying it out soon. I hope openSUSE follows suit with some new netbook implementations. (As well as tablet/touchscreen stuff)


But there’s a LOT of problems with openSUSE on a netbook.

Have you tried →Smeegol yet? I think it looks promising.

A lot of problems with software or hardware? I’ve yet to strike what I
would consider a major issue, between SLE11 and SP1, openSUSE 11.2
and 11.3 and Smeegol (which has a few minor ones for me) they all work
on THIS hardware.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)tl
openSUSE 11.3 (i586) Kernel
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ASUS eeePC 1000HE ATOM N280 1.66GHz | GPU Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME

With Smeegol I see reference to “Evolution Express”, but I haven’t been able to find any additional information on it anywhere! Is it available as a regular replacement for Evolution?

I’m thinking of testing out Smeegol. It looks like it will work on my old Pentium M laptop (12" screen), providing it includes any/all of the Intel 855 patches/fixes.

If you prefer KDE, can always try the KDE Plasma Netbook Workspaces. I’ve gotten it working on one of my systems and its pretty slick!

dragonbite wrote:

> With Smeegol I see reference to “Evolution Express”, but I haven’t been
> able to find any additional information on it anywhere! Is it available
> as a regular replacement for Evolution?
Just try to start evolution with

evolution --express

I am not sure from which version on this is included but I think 2.30 has it

openSUSE 11.3 64 bit | Intel Core2 Quad Q8300@2.50GHz | KDE 4.5 | GeForce
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openSUSE 11.3 64 bit | Intel Core2 Duo T9300@2.50GHz | KDE 4.5 | Quadro FX
3600M | 4GB Ram

I’ve had problems with openSUSE on a netbook with getting wifi to work: Can’t connect through wireless!

It didn’t work in 11.1, 11.2 and now 11.3. (My hardware: Asus EEE 1002 HA, with wireless Card: Atheros AR928X Wireless Network Adapter)

Also, I really like the UI in Ubuntu 10.10 netbook remix. It works beautifully with the limited vertical space and surprisingly it looks good too (Ubuntu usually looks like s**t).

Interestingly, I’ve NEVER been able to get my girlfriend willing to try anything Linux. Not openSUSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint, etc. Not KDE, Gnome, XFCE, etc. BUT I showed her the Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook remix and she said it looked really cool and that she’d be willing to give it a try!! Now, we just need to get openSUSE to that state as well… :slight_smile:

I replied in the support thread :wink:

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Do you reccomend Smeegol for my tablet pc HP tx2000?
I just tried Ubuntu netbook remix with Unity and openSuse 11.2 with netbook plasma workspace, but I didn’t like them…

If your netbook plasma workspace didn’t work, maybe try Fedora’s. That’s only if it didn’t work for you, because if it did I wouldn’t suspect any different experience.

I have KDE on Fedora on my laptop as well as openSUSE 11.3 (I have multiple hard drives… handy for a distro-junkie :wink: ). The openSUSE version did not work very well (likely from flaky 3D support on the system) while the Fedora version has been working steadily.

Netbook plasma workspace worked fine, but I don’tlike it…

I tried it on my Acer laptop the other day and found that it doesn’t work with ATI video.
Here’s my thread: [ubuntu netbook remix] Netbook interface won’t load - Ubuntu Forums](http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1599056)

Looks nice though, hope they fix the video problems.

For some reason, 10.10 Netbook would not install on my Acer Aspire One. But 10.04 Netbook Remix works wonderfully.

Same here. Since I don’t have a netbook at this time. I’ll wait until next year. They may fix by then. In the meantime I’m happy using openSuse 11.3 KDE and Ubuntu 10.10 on my desktops :slight_smile:

Then install Smeegol, it’s different, very nice for smaller devices.

Is Smeegol’s interface a GTK-based one? I know it isn’t Gnome or KDE, but is it based on Gtk, or Qt, or other?

Is Smeegol’s interface a GTK-based one?

It is based on →MeeGo (which is basically Qt-based).

Can I burn Smeegol to a CD as disc image and then run on a desktop or laptop?

Yeah, I was kinda confused which to download too. I want to install it on my harddrive over what is there from a USB or CD and didn’t see whether I can install from the LiveUSB/Flash drive option.

I have an Asus eeePC 1000HA with an atheros chipset for the wifi. When I first put opensuse 11.2 on it last year, everything worked great. Over time, kernel and other service installation through yast seems to have broken something in the wifi area. I can get connected (sometimes, but not always), but the performance is erratic (dropped packets primarily). If just reboot it to the windows XP that came installed (before I set it up for dual boot), the wireless works flawlessly. Conclusion: something was broken in some service.

I spent a few hours working on it. Found a couple of google hits where others may be experiencing the same thing. Hard to tell. You know how reading “my wifi doesn’t work” threads can go.du hoc|hoc bong du hoc|du hoc singapore|tu van du hoc

In any case, having spent all the debug time on it I care to spend, my plan is to blow away the opensuse 11.2 and install opensuse 11.3 when it is released later this week. If I get nowhere with that, then I will likely try another distro.

Well…two things:

  1. opensuse 11.3 was released a while ago

  2. I tried 11.3 and it didn’t work for me