U.S. Robotics USR5637 56K Faxmodem

Hi, all,

I have the U.S. Robotics USR5637 56K Faxmodem, and i’m using it under openSuSE Tumbleweed. I hope that this question is acceptable on these forums.
I run a BBS (Daydream BBS) on my machine, and I just added a dial-up node (POTS, analog), and i’ve tried a slew of different init strings, but I cannot seem to find the “right” one.
Here’s what I have so far:


It seems to work the best, but i’m still having problems with it. I’m using a program called SEXPOTS to access the modem, and it basically answers the phone and sends an “ATA” command to the modem
and answers the call. The problem, is when other people try connecting, they get a bunch of ASCII characters, where a login prompt should be. So, yeah, does anyone have or know about this specific modem,
and know the right init string?


Daydream should be able to answer the call itself, doesn’t it work? Maybe I can take a look at it.

Otherwise you can use mgetty, it can also recognize Fidonet Mailer calls and pppd calls.


Ok. I solved it. I had a notion to unplug the modem and plug it back in. Then, what I did, was do that while in a comm program. And it did some sort of “auto initialization.” And now it works.

Thanks for any intended help.

Hi, Bo,

Yes. Daydream answers the calls fine. The problem is, though, some “doors” segfault when being invoked from the dial-up node. This is very annoying. So, what i’m using is SEXPOTS from the Synchronet BBS software suite, to answer the calls, and it’s working just fine.


Did you try mgetty?


No, I haven’t. But, I looked into it. I couldn’t find anything on how to properly configure it.

I am not sure how to set it up with systemd. When I had it running, init was spawning mgetty.


Ok. I got it partially working with mgetty. Question is, how do I have it execute the command to start the BBS?


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