Two users using different language


I have just installed OpenSuSE 11.1, gnome version. My wife and me are from different nationalities. Each of us has a different user. We would like to assign a different language to each user, so each of us has the desktop with his own home language.

How can I do?

I used to have an old SuSE with KDE where the user can choose the language when logging in. If I install OpenSuSE 11.1 in KDE version, can I choose the language when logging in? Isn’t this possible with gnome?


Not sure what is possible in Gnome but in KDE4, each user can choose their own locale under Configure Desktop>Regional and Language.

In my gnome based desktop I have only found Control Panel / System / Language (not sure about translations into English), where I can change the primary and secondary languages. This setting is, however, applied to all users, so I cannot set a different primary language for each user.

Both gdm and kdm have an option to set the localization on the login
screen. In Gnome it’s the Control Center for changing it.

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