Two quick questions about changes in Leap 15.3


I’m a happy Leap user since 15.0. Leap 15.2 is currently running on my workstation and on my laptop, and I’m playing with Leap 15.3 to get a grasp on what’s new.

  1. The release notes are a bit laconic about the new repositories. Is there a more in-depth explanation of the respective roles of the new repos?

  2. Up until Leap 15.2, RPM packages were branded something like lp150 for Leap 15.0, lp151 for Leap 15.1, and so on. How comes packages in Leap 15.3 are branded bp153 (instead of lp153)? Just curious.



Assume it relates to public beta status (but open to being corrected about that)…

Or… it is related to the new development model in which base packages are binaries from SLE (no bp153, e.g. in kernel-default) and community packages are from the back-port project, with a few special packages unique to Leap 15.3 (e.g. openSUSE-release marked lp153)
(please see the “openSUSE and SLE in the near future” section here )
which also explains why there are 3 update channels now, depending on where the package comes from.

(But open to being corrected me too :wink: )

That makes sense (re backports project)… :slight_smile: