Two problems with openSUSE 11

recently I have installed openSUSE 11 with KDE 3.5. It works well, but in the K menu I miss the options for suspend to disk and suspend to RAM. These options are available in KPowersawe and they work as well. Does anybody know how to show them in the main menu?

And the second problem: After suspending or restarting X server my USB mouse doesn’t work - it is necessary to plug it off and reconnect it again which is annoying.

Thank you in advance.

Me too, I’ve two problems but different ones. The first and most important is if you install the latest NVIDIA video drivers, then, when you reboot no GUI! Just a green line at the top of the screen. If you boot up in failsafe mode all is okay. I went back into using 10.3 and the same thing happened, so I suspect a problem with a driver from Nvidia.

The other odd thing is when setting the time in the installation program, you can’t define a NTP server. (You have to wait until you get openSUSE 11 up and running and do it through configuration.)

Sorry, doesn’t help you but, at least you know you’re not alone out there. :smiley:

Regards ~ Ray

Yes… now I’m feeling much better :slight_smile:

There is one bug report that could help you troubleshoot what is failing :

If you have a similar issue might be worth adding it to the report.

Good luck!

Are the other normal shutdown options present?

Yes, I miss only the options for suspending. In suse 10.3 they used to be on their place.