two problems about installation and a problem on data dump..

(1) I’ve a laptop with a linux system, I also installed many useful softwares in the linux system; now that I have a new computer, how can I simply “copy” that system into the new computer without having to go through once again all the installations of the system as well as all the softwares?

(2) my laptop has two systems now, a pre-installed vista, a linux I installed later. Now can I install a windows xp on the laptop?

(3) How can I completely erase a hard disk, so-called disk wiping?
assuming the disk has both windows and linux systems on it.

Thanks a lot.

  1. Probably not a good idea
  2. Get a XP disc and away you go
  3. Parted magic Downloads - Parted Magic

I have xp disc. but I know there’re some steps to do.
it might crap the grub, which I haven’t figured out quite yet…
some people have experience on how to install xp assuming vista is pre-installed. but here I have a linux too.

You might have a problem just installing Vista and XP. Both will want the MBR and won’t install telling you that you that there is no room for the boot loader. Did you get the install disks for Vista even though it is pre-installed or is it on a partition only? If not make sure you make the disks in Vista first. Also XP might just tell you that there is a new version already installed and stop there.

I did this with openSUSE, Vista and XP once but I had them on separate drives. I unhooked all the drives except the empty one I was putting XP on. But this is obviously not a solution for you with a laptop.

Is there a reason you can’t install XP on Virtual Box, Vmware or Xen?

that’s what i’m worried about…
here’s a guide to install xp while vista is already there:
How to dual boot Vista and XP (with Vista installed first) – the step-by-step guide with screenshots

I haven’t been able to get a guide containing linux yet…
xp in virtual machine might be slow if running large apps.

I had the pre-installed Vista that was bundled (Compaq) So I was pretty much out of luck. I couldn’t get XP on the same hard drive no matter what I did. Doing a clean install of Linux is probably a good idea like mentioned above. That you could do last.

The apps you have, can they run on Vista? I am not sure what you are running or need to run. For me both things, soon to be one again, will be game related which is the only reason why I am keeping XP.

There is Wine, CrossOver, Cedega, etc, as well that might be of some help depending on what you need/are running with XP.

Edit: Good tutorial. Didn’t work for me when I tried it that way and I have no clue why it didn’t work. It should have.

It’s just point you to this:
Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - NeoSmart Technologies

It all goes to show how rubbish M$ is. You can use EasyBCD to boot Linux too.

Desperate times, needing Vista and XP:X

easybcd also has an article talking about Installing XP After Vista. seems it is possible to install many os that could be booted by easybcd.
seems this works.
thanks caf4926:)

Good luck with this. Don’t forget to come back if you need help.