Two pieces of hardware, Intuos2 tablet and Canon MP620 printer

Need to install a Wacom Intuos2 tablet, any help here would be appreciated. ALso Have a Canon MP620 multi-function printer that YaST does not see. It tells me that it is a bad port. I have pinged it and it is there but YaST won’t let me install it.

It tells me that it is a bad port.

You gotta get that sorted; where is the problem … computer or printer?

you surely can’t start to install till sorted: lsusb in a terminal should show your printer

… something like this …

Bus 005 Device 007: ID 04a9:1727 Canon, Inc.

If you get the hardware sorted

Canon provide a host of drivers for printers

the driver for the MP610 works fine for the MP620

so go here


you need the rpm packages: … for the MP610

BUT FIRST: are you using 32bit OpenSuse: if so, proceed; if not post back; you need to set up what are called symbolic links FIRST

you need to follow the instructions whatever you do:

if proceeding with 32bit install …

install rpm common package first then 610 specific package after

suggest installing by:

download packages into a directory: most install into their Downloads directory;

open that directory from the desktop and RIGHT-CLICK on common package first: option offered to “install with package manager”: suggest selecting that, as then YaST remembers what is done;

CLOSE YaST: then select 610 driver, and do as above;

so: if 32bit proceed as above: 64 bit google on symbolic link for canon or post back;


suggest starting here

Wacom USB tablet howto - openSUSE

Thanks for the info on the Wacom tablet, now on to the printer (MP620). I am using SUSE 64 bit on an AMD Athlon X2 dual core with 6gig RAM NVidia 8600 video cards (SLI)and a Creative Labs X-Fi sound card. and you said something about symbolic links, please respond and let me know what I have to do
Thanx a lot

IIRC there are 64bit drivers for this printer, provided in an rpm package. Google around for it, they appear in the most awsome places, like hidden on some australian canon page, that cannot be reached from the australian canon site. Get the idea? Officially Canon does not support linux.

Oops, almost forgot: welcome to the forums

Thanks for all your help, I found the drivers for my MP620 both printer and scanner. Glad to be here in the SUSE Forum.



symbolic links: the goal is to tell the canon driver to look in lib64 rather than lib; (is what I understand);

if you become root


and then copy and paste

ln -s /usr/lib/cups/filter/pstocanonij /usr/lib64/cups/filter

do that first and then install the drivers;

it is traditional on this forum to go "harrumph, harrumph … canon don’t make drivers for linux " and that’s true, apart from the rpm ones, the deb ones and the source code ones

Nope, no need for traditions on this matter: Canon used to have very clear statements on their website(s), at least until a year ago: Canon does not and will not support linux.
Some experiences:

  1. A driver rpm installs without any comment. Admin has to find out ‘by hand’ that a folder has been created in /opt, where the permissions of some file have to be changed to run it and actually install the drivers in their place
  2. Another (source code) driver will not compile unless cups and a lot of other deps are downgraded to 4 year old versions
  3. Driver installs with no errors, printer gets autodetected by Yast, no printing at all, printer ‘hangs’ at first job. Canon support simply stated it’s not smart to use their printers in a linux network (!!!), and …to use the driver for a completely different model, which, admitted, works basically. So far, this remains in every new version of the driver that came out. Yes, numerous bug reports have been filed.
  4. Drivers are never where you might expect them. Canon Germany may have a linux driver in 121 languages, no guarantee that you will find it on the local Canon site in one of the 121 countries.

All this from real life. I know they are working on it, but if the open source community would work like this, I doubt linux would have even existed.

this link no longer seems to work

so it’s your wacom tablet … well …

you will need to use Google: search on the topic

there is a wacom project for linux too … search for that …

many more folks use Ubuntu so search on Ubuntu and wacom as a trial; see if there is helpful material there;

linux is available free to all, so it sometimes means a wee bit of ground work!!

Good luck; enjoy;

let us know how you get along