two nw ifaces: one internet, other private ip

I apologise for this question in advance as there is tons of info out there on little home LAN’s but I can’t see the wood for the trees … Only looking for people’s suggestions on links I should go to ( etc. I’ve been to already).

On my wireless connection eth1, I have a DHCP’d internet connection and then on the wired connection I have a static ip connected to little private LAN of mine with three other computers, all static ip.

So, each network iface has a different ip, clearly. So how to enable the routing of internet packets towards and back from the private static ip LAN?

Is the route command the way to go? Can I use netstat usefully, in this case.

Shoud I repackage my computers and send them back to vendor saying this person is too stupid to own a computer? :smiley:

What you need to do is IP masquerading using the iptables command.

However, you can do it via the yast firewall set up too. Just make sure that proper zones (external and internal/private) are assigned to each interface and masquerading is turned on (there is a check box for this).

thanks syampillai,
will try that and read up on “maquerading”