Two network printers -- can only print to one.


I have two Xerox printers on my network, one B&W, one color.

I have a box recently upgraded to 11.1, and fully patched.

If I go and set up the color printer-- put in the correct ip address for the color printer, select the color xerox printer driver-- everything seems fine. If I attempt to print to the color printer, the request successfully prints on the B&W, even though I haven’t set the B&W up.

If I set up the B&W printer, it prints to the B&W like it is supposed to.

Any ideas how to go about debugging this?

Okay, I found /etc/cups/printers.conf and /etc/cups/printers.conf.O, and sure enough, the color printer had the B&W ip address. I switched the ip address, rebooted the box, and we can now print to the color printer.

I put the correct ip address into the YAST interface when I set the color printer up. Is this a bug I should report somewhere?