Two Monitors?

Yast hardware information shows that I have two monitors attached to my system - but there is physically only one. The two entries are not exact duplicates. I’m wondering if this might be the cause of a cycling display problem Im having.

The question is how do I make one of them go away?

Unfortunately I’m not permitted top post attachments so I cannot show what the two entries look like.

Do you have an onboard GPU as well as video card in your machine? Also, what does ‘cycling display problem’ mean?

No video card; The video is an onboard video chip. The only card installed is a hauppaug (spelling?) pvr150. The problem existed before I plugged the pvr150 into this pc.

What I mean by “cycling display” is that the screen goes blank for a second or so at frequent irregular intervals. This does not happen with everything – some apps it happens with are vlc, virtulbox, mplayer, kde4, mythtv; it does not happen with kaffeine

Sax2 reports: one monitor → Benq T701
and one card → SiS 660