Two monitors

How do I control in which monitor should applications, windows etc be opened?
Is there a shortcut to move a windows from on screen to the other?

I’m using AMD_fglrx in opensuse 13.1

BTW KDE or Gnome or something else

Right click the title bar. select more actions - Special Application settings position and size. Set the position you want

You did say how the monitors are configured. Normally you can simply drag windows from one to the other but that does depend on the model you used

I’m using opensuse 13.1 and KDE and Kwin. I did your suggestion and it works. But I had to do that for every single application. Then, looking around I’ve found that these configurations for each window were store in

Right click the title bar —> select more actions —> Window Manager Settings —> Special Application —> Window Rules

There I’ve found a default setting. I clicked on this default line and then on “modify” and then I went to “Size & Pozition” and set “screen” to “1” and “force”.

It seems to be working as I want, that is, every thing open on my main monitor.

What I said before was not completly right. Now is what really works:

Right click the title bar —> more actions —> Window Manager Settings —> Window Rules —> New. Give any Description (ex: open all ini monitor 1)
Leave everything as “unimportant” and check “match whole window class” . Select all “window types”, that is, leave all green . Then —> “Size & Position”, check “screen” and set it to “1” and “Apply Initially”. Click “OK”.

Now everything open on my monitor 1.

There you go it was unclear to me that you wanted all in monitor 1