Two minor questions/issues after update to Plasma 5.3

  1. I have a single application which I had configured to autostart on login. The config file still exists as indicated by the Autostart utility. The .desktop file is under ~/.config/autostart. However, when I log in it does not load on its own.
  2. The screen now locks against my desires. I have confirmed that Configure Desktop -> Display and Monitor -> Screen Locker -> Start automatically after:
    is unchecked. I’ve even checked it, applied the setting, unchecked it, and reapplied the setting. It still locks.

Are there changes to Plasma 5.3 that require setting things up differently or in other places than are evident?

you need to run systemsettings5 instead of configuredesktop. Launch from alt+spacebar or from the menu. Then Desktop Behavior/Screen Locking is your friend.

Gnarly. Thanks.