two lists of updates, want one list selectively

How do I get the missing updates? I just installed openSuse 13.2. As I visited all six desktop environments, sometimes I got a popup message that seemed to say updates are available but it disappeared before I could act on it. Once, I caught it in time; it offered 391 updates. I wanted them but I refused to agree to a license for Adobe Flash (I don’t allow Flash on my computer because it’s a security risk). I tried the find function for “Flash” or “Adobe” separately (without quotation marks) but got nothing either time. I skimmed through all 391 but saw nothing about Flash or Adobe. But apparently because I refused Flash I can’t get any of the 391 updates. Each one had a checkbox that was precheckmarked but now I can’t get the list at all. Then I looked at the application called Software and it says I have all the updates already, but it previously said that before I saw the list of 391. So apparently there are two lists of updates and they’re possibly not related. How do I get the popup list back and how do I get everything except Flash?

Use Yast online update.

When it provides a list of updates, you can uncheck the update for flash.

Hmm, maybe better still: Use Yast Software Management, and search for “flash”.

If “flash” is already installed, then uninstall it. Then right-click on that line and set it to never install. (That’s called blacklisting). Do the same for “pullin-flash-player”. After those changes, you should never be bothered by flash again.

Note that depending on the desktop that pop-up notifier should be on the system tray. But that really depends on the Desktop used. In KDE is looks like a gear with a down arrow. Clicking on it will show list and allow install. Also the notifier will show a record that can be used to view the updates. In KDE again is is a circle with an “I” in it. But it truly depends on which desktop what it looks like and where it is displayed. You can always use yast or “zypper up” from the command line in any desktop environment. Note that more then one program that installs stuff is allowed to be running at any given time.