Two Keyboards Different Layouts

Is it possible to have two (USB) keyboards, but configure them to use different layouts? If so, how do I specify which keyboard is which? Changing layout for one keyboard is simple enough, but is this possible?

The layout is determined by software regardless of the keyboard.

In KDE go to Control centre/System settings > Regional > Keyboard layout and you will find a range of options.

Once you have selected the ones you want, a country flag will appear in the system tray and you can change keyboard by cycling through the list of flags.

There are also options to customise/create your own layouts.

OK, so I’m stuck with one layout. Yes, I know how to make custom layouts. I just don’t have enough keys.

I’m sorry; you’ll have to explain what you are trying to do a bit more clearly.

For nearly every key on the keyboard you have standard, shift, alt-gr and alt-gr shift.

Most of the standard keyboards don’t use all the options anyway. For what do you need so many keys?

Just an idea from my hours messing with xorg.conf because of ATI drivers in my laptop.

You can try configuring two devices in xorg.conf and specifying

Option "XkbLayout" "yourlayout"

for each one. I know that you can disable keyboard layouts in KDE control panel but don’t know how that interacts all the way.

google “xorg two keyboards”
Two keyboards with different Layout