Two issues: Extremely long boot time with Wifi/no LAN - Howto for NAS-server (SMB or NFS)

Hi there,

I have installed Leap 42.2 on my HP EliteBook 8440p (clean install from 13.2, just took over /home/<user>). Installation went through without any issues, I have installed the nvidia driver from NVidia.

Under KDE I have set up WLAN; I am normally using LAN, and from time to time WLAN. Both works.

However, I have two issues:

When I boot the Notebook without a LAN cable attached, the boot procedure takes 5 minutes … (!!!)

Looking at boot.log it seems that WLAN is coming up but cannot connect (?) to NFS server and/or my external NAS:

I figured out that boot time under Leap 42.2 is longer than in my previous installation, but with LAN attached it takes only approx. 30 seconds (I have a SSD of course).

I would like to set up the notebook so that I can boot even when I have no LAN or WLAN available. Furthermore, sometimes my NAS is not active and I would like to be able to boot the notebook in a reasonable time even if the NAS is not reachable.

Second issue is obviously the way I set up my network:

I used Yast to connect my NAS as NFS client:

I entered the IP, did not check anything else and entered the mount options defaults,rw,user. This is because I would like to have a rw access as normal user. This, however, does not work. I have only read access.

Suse Firewall is running, the firewall port is open (eth0). NFSv4 is activated (don’t know what that is, though).

So, as I failed to use NFS with write access for my user, I use SMB4k as well:

However, SMB4k works only with LAN connection, not when I boot up with only WLAN …

I would really appreciate any help. I understand that this is confusing and that I am mixing different things here. I am using SuSE linux since SuSE 6.0 but I am not a Linux hacker, just a “user”. I always had issues with the SuSE firewall, permission sets, etc. Probably I would need to take a seminar in order to get it …

Thanks again for the support in this great community.


Show /etc/fstab.

note putting nofail as a parameter on the NAS mount should help

The entry in /etc/fstab: /home/bogislav/NAS-Server nfs defaults,rw,user 0 0

I had created a directory “NAS-Server” as user. I will add nofail; but how do I have rw access through my normal user?

The NAS is secured by user and password - this could be a part of the problem … how can I add user and password during mount process?



May try also noauto this does not mount until fist accessed

Never heard of a mount requiring a password

more detail at man mount

Use autofs for mounts that may not be available at boot. It was made for exactly this purpose. Here is mine. You get the idea.

$ cat /etc/auto.master
/vol /etc/auto.mynfs

$ cat /etc/auto.mynfs
media -fstype=nfs4

$ sudo service autofs restart

$ sudo chkconfig autofs on

Provided you got the line in mynfs right, autofs will mount /vol/media as soon as it is accessed. Place a symlink to the dir in your homedir. And remove/commentout the line in fstab.