Two instances of SCIM text input - unable to close either


This problem is related to a long-standing problem with using SKIM in openSUSE: On a new openSUSE installation, usually the SCIM panel program is set to ‘scim-panel-gtk’. If one wants to switch to using SKIM, the scim-panel-gtk program doesn’t have an option to switch to ‘scim-panel-kde’ and starting SKIM doesn’t work while the panel is set to -gtk.

There is a workaround: The shell command ‘scim -d -f’ forces SKIM to start, enabling one to change the panel program. This, however, leads to the problem below.

I got two instances of SCIM running in my system tray, one apparently at the user level (and this one can be customized to using SKIM), one at the root level (this one can’t be customized). Shutting the latter down doesn’t work as it is restarted automatically only instances later.

After several attempts to shut it down, the root-level instance of SCIM eventually, and thankfully, gives in and remains shut, but I’d like to fix this problem for good.

Can anyone help?