Two instances of postgresql on the same server.

Good morning everyone, I’m new user forum.
Would you like some help, how do I install two instances of postgresql on the same server.
Thank you.

Hello and welcome here.

Please at least tell which version of openSUSE you use.

Generally speaking,in my experience you install only one instance of a RDBMS like PostgreSQL but can create different connections to different databases within the single database application.

And yes,
As hcvv requests, for most accurate answers you always need to provide details about your system and apps you are running, possibly even some background what you are trying to do.


You can run 2 (or more) instances of postgres on one machine. But you will probably need to use special start-stop-scripts etc., to make sure, the different instances use different directories for data, xlog, … and listen on different combinations of IP-address and port. If you want to run different versions of postgres on one machine, things get complicated…

But I suggest, that you try to use different databases in one server instance. If you don’t need different global server-wide settings this is usually easier to manage.


Just for the records:

you can find a HOWTO for multiple instances.

The only change, I suggest, is to use different operating system users for each instance:

User=postgres --> User=postgres%I 

That means for example: postgres1, postgres2, …
And the different pgdata directories need to be owned by postgres1, …