Two finger scroll on touchpad...

Just got a new laptop.
Same brand and model as the one I had, just almost two years newer.
Faster processor, bluetooth, different WiFi and video chipsets.
So naturally I did the same as with the older machine.
Because I only have to use Windows for my work and
I don’t want to use, mix or expose the work drive with my personal stuff.
I purchased a new Hard drive and Installed OpenSuse 11.2
(Panasonic CF-52’s have removable/swappable hard drives.)

Here is my question.
The old install (in the older laptop I still have) has a feature I like and want,
If you did a two finger pass down the touch-pad it would scroll down on the screen just like the MacBook.
The new install does NOT. I don’t know what I did on the old install to make it do this.
And I don’t know what to do to get the new install on the new machine do this?

Yes, these are almost identical laptops with the same 11.2 and same applications on a new Install.
Any suggestions? How can I do this?



It sounds to be a feature of the specific touchpad. Are the touchpads identical?
My Lenovo G550 has page scroll on the right side of the pad.