Two different PHP versions on a OpenSuse system

I have a new Opensuse server installed because the old one was EOL.
On the old server I had software running with PHP 5.1 or 5.2. I’m not sure.
On the new server there is PHP 5.3.29 running.
The problem is that my old software is not working with the new PHP version.
I can of course rewrite all the php code, but that is a hell of a job.
I heard of another solution where they say that it is possible to install multiple versions of PHP on one server.
Can anybody tell me if this is true and if so explain me how to install the old version of PHP on my new server so that my old software will run again.

Hi, welcome

IMHO you should patch your software, unless this is a server that is not exposed to contact with other machines. Having said this, I’ve never met issues of this kind.

I have no idea why you posted this in the Dutch language section, but I will move it to the English language part of these forums.