Two default routes/one machine ? Possible or not ?


I have a machine acting as a server , it is running Suse 11.1.
It has two network cards , each one unsurprisingly on a different network.
From the machine I can access both networks , however from outside the machine can only access the server if I am connecting through the router that is defined as the default route in YAST , I am assuming this is because any responce from the server is forced over the default route and therefore the wrong network.
Is there anyway to define two separate gateway address in YAST so that the server can be access from both networks at the same time as it is quite boring having to change the address in YAST constantly.
Might this be an IPtables thing ?

Any help very much appreciated.


It wouldn’t be a default if there could be more than one, no?

It is possible to make certain IP subnets use a particular route, however you have to decide on the route partitioning ahead of time. Or use a gateway routing protocol, see Routing protocol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia but you may not have the facility to request a routing protocol peer from your bandwidth supplier.

Anyway if you want to explore further, the search keyword is LARTC, the section is Multiple uplinks.

Well yes of course , but you know what I mean.
Well actually we may be able to do that as we are our bandwidth supplier so anything is technically possible Cisco permitting. Thanks for the information , i will have to digest the information on LARTC , it seems this is not going to be straight forward.

Many Thanks…