Two Clip Board icons on Task Bar

I upgraded 13.2/KDE to 42.1/KDE Plasma5 using DVD upgrade method.

I have two Clipboard icons on my Task Bar, the info in them is similar but not identical.

Ksysguard reports only one klipper process running, child of Kdeinit5. The file /usr/bin/klipper is from the Plasma5-Workspace package

Clipboard is acting a little flaky - some Items I “copy to clipboard” only show on one of the icons.

I started wondering of klipper4 and klipper5 were both running, but only /usr/bin/klipper, which I’ll call klipper5, is found.

Anyone else?

Plasma5 comes with a system tray “Clipboard” plasmoid that is enabled by default.

If you also run klipper, you have two icons in the system tray obviously.

So, either don’t run klipper (quit it so that it is not restarted by the session management) and use the plasmoid, or disable the plasmoid in the “System Tray Settings”.

Thanks wolfi, that clears up my issue.