Two CC books on word processing (LibreOffice Writer and LyX)

To Tame a [i]Writer, LibreOffice Writer for Writers

is a CC text that explains how to get the most out of the LibreOffice Writer word processor (with a few pages dedicated to Draw, Math and Chart).

This book is a translation of an earlier book in Spanish called “Domando al escritor](” which has a long history, its first incarnation being a series of articles dating back to 2006.

This edition is centred in LibreOffice 6.1, presenting also some of the new features that version 6.2 will give us in early 2019.

LyX, The Other Way of Writing

The book is an “updated translation” of a book I wrote in Spanish in 2017.

LYX, The Other Way of Writing explores how to use LYX to get the most out of LATEX, XƎTEX, and OpenType, presenting the tools and methods to get a perfect PDF with our work, with all the beauty that only this system can provide.

Thanks for that!

Yes, should help some people.

I don’t personally need the help, though, as I do not have as many problems: I use OpenOffice.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve used Openoffice since it was part of an integrated desktop developed by Sun (circa 2000?), but dropped it when oracle bought Sun’s IP and started abusing the voluntary contributors, and the Document Foundation forked it.

When they lost the developers to Libreoffice and didn’t want to pay from their own pockets for development, they passed it to the apache foundation (not GPL but probably good enough). I took a look and read some reviews some time later but apart from a couple of points (docx compatibility, I think) it was deemed inferior to Libreoffice.

IMHO Openoffice is not completely in the spirit of open source any more, but it’s still way better than having to use M$Office.

And as the saying goes, whatever rocks your boat…

RGBSuse, I’m one third into your book (page 89/224). I find it well written, not in the least boring, and was surprised to learn a handful of things. As an old OO/LO user, I thought I knew all that mattered to me. You proved me wrong…

Also made a paypal donation. Small but heartfelt.

You have my admiration.

Many thanks, brunomcl! As a non native speaker, I was worried that my “bucatini English” (a sort of “spaghetti English” with a hole in the middle ;)) could be a problem.