Two bugs in Suse 11.4

I have found two bugs. Both confirmed on two different netbooks (Medion Akoya 1210, and a Asus EEE Pc with a Atom 550). Standard install from Suse 11.4 LiveUSB.

1] When resuming from Standby/Hybernate while on battery power the wireless internet cannot connect anymore. I found the solution on the forum of another distribution:

cd /etc/pm/power.d
touch wireless
touch pcie_aspm

This seems to disable power management to the wifi card and the pcie bus. The wlan now always works while on battery.

2] When resuming from Standby/Hibernate while on battery, kde often becomes very unstable and regularly crashes. This does not happen if the netbook is started from scratch while on battery. Also not when resuming from Standby/Hibernate while on ac power. I consider this a very serious bug and I cannot find a solution for it. It seems to be related to power management like the bug I mentioned in the previous point.

Both bugs show on both netbooks. One netbook (single core Atom) is installed with OpenSuse 11.4 (32 bit), and the other (Dual core Atom) is installed with OpenSuse 11.4 (64 bit). Both netbooks have different Intel chipsets.

I love OpenSuse. I have used it for many years already and this is the first time that I cannot find any solution to a problem. Does anyone know a solution?

You may want to report this to the developers on bugzilla. There are no or few developers here.

On 06/27/2011 05:06 PM, gogalthorp wrote:
> You may want to report this to the developers on bugzilla. There are no
> or few developers here.

let me say that in the more factual way:

very few developers come to this forum of users helping users. those few
who do come, are NOT looking around for bugs to fix–instead, they track
all bug reports in bugzilla, the system set up for that.

@Repelsteel2006, the problems you mention here will receive no
developer interest unless and until you log them, here:

by the way, you don’t mention what kind of netbooks you are using, but i
have not see anything like you report on my Acer Aspire One, and others
here have also reported smooth sailing on those…

so, be sure and give precise hardware descriptions in your bug report…



You could try the boot parameter from post 8# by oldcpu in this thread. I think it won’t break anything and might just solve your problem.
Possible Power Management regressions in recent Linux kernels ?

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I have no experience with netbooks specifically, but for the Toshiba laptops I’ve had over the last number of years, I had all kinds of power management weirdness UNTIL I installed the proprietary display driver (ATI in one case, nVIDIA in another). Didn’t think there would be a connection, but I’ve had zero issues since.