Two apps for novice.

Hello everybody, asking two apps:
a) any app with a graphical shell what show hardware info (motherboard, processor temperature, memory, etc)
b) any app with a graphical shell what show ssd (nvme) info (write/read speed, operational life, etc)
Thank you all.

I use Conky, but it requires configuration… you can run lua scripts, lots of online themes etc… what desktop environment?

XFCE, right now had try Conky and he’s working fine, thanks. Is it possible for him to show info about hardware but not about processes only? Or SSD speed test like a CrystalDiskMark for Windows?

Yes, but requires manual work/config/scripts…

There is gnome-disks, I do have crazydiskmark built in my home repo… Welcome - openSUSE Build Service

That is what i asked, nice! Thanks a lot as by the crazydisk as by the whole repo too.

Np, i’m evolving and can do with that soon anything.:wink:

Gkrellm for temperature & etc.