Twinview not working anymore with NVIDIA 185.18.14


I own a Dell PC with a Quadro NVS 290 graphical card running SUSE 11.1 . Yesterday I installed the NVIDIA 185.18.14 driver with the one-click install from the Open Suse website and now twinview does not work anymore. If I use the NVidia configuration tool it correctly detects both screens but a signal is send to only one screen, my second screen has no green led and is black.
Everything worked normal with the previous driver
Any help is really appreciated.

Marc Mertens

the same driver works fine for me (twinview inc) but with 8200 card.
as usual try reinstalling the driver and if still doesn’t work revert to old driver until a new one comes. if you wish report a bug to nvidia.

check the cables too :slight_smile:

After downloading the latest driver from nvidia and compiling a new kernel, my problem was solved.
I know the SUSE team is not responsible for the problems caused by nvidia errors and realy appreciate the One Click installation of the nvidia drivers, but I think I can do some suggestions that improve the usability of the one click installation.

  1. Mention the version of the driver that is installed , now you find out about the version only during the actually install if you look at the log screen during the installation.
  2. Provide some information how you can revert to a previous version. I tried to use the Software Manager to deinstall the new version and reinstall a old version, ending with the wrong kernel using the wrong modules, so that even in save mode I could not get in X11. I finally managed to solve this by downloading the source version from nvidia and recompiling my kernel, something that a normal enduser will not be able to do in my humble opinion.

Again this is not a critic on opensuse, I think you are doing a great job and look forward at the next version, just some suggestions to make the product even better.


Same problem here on 8800gs, dual head, twinview not recognized in sax2. However the kde4 display control does recognized all of the adaptor possibilities; but the screen goes blank when set for at least some of the possible dual screen configurations!

Please fix asap and thank everyone for all the awesome features and work.

I agree with the need for openSuse team to ensure that drivers such as Nvidia or ATI are easier to install for most users. This is something that most openSUSE users would like to set up when they finish a fresh install. It would make sense to make this step as foolproof as possible.

I had massive problems getting Nvidia and Compiz to work on openSUSE and still found a buggy font problem in the terminal when I finally got everything to install properly.

Compared to Ubuntu which makes it very easy to get Nvidia/Compiz to work, it’s clear that openSUSE team needs to make this step easier to perform.

Overall, I think openSUSE is a solid system but needs to fix this fundamental step so that users get the advanced desktop effects out of the way as quickly as possible so they can focus on the rest of the system and using other software.

I did get everything to work great by simply downloading the driver from nvidia and of course installing all the dependent packages req’d by nvidia to compile the kernel with the 185 driver dated 7/28/09. There are some obvious bug with this driver; the biggest one being that the second screen shows remnants of the last user logged in! Wow.